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Root Canal

Root canals can help to save a tooth when the inner pulp layer has become infected. A cracked tooth, deep cavity, and more can cause damage to the pulp of the tooth which becomes inflamed and painful. While symptoms including temperature sensitivity, pain with biting, throbbing pain, swelling, and a bad taste can occur, you may not show any of these symptoms so your dentist can help you with diagnosis. An infected tooth can’t heal without intervention and a root canal can help you save the tooth from a needed extraction.


Root canals begin with the area being fully numbed and a rubber dam is placed to protect your mouth. An opening in the top of the tooth is made to access the infected pulp. A dental file cleans out the infected tissue and shape the canal for fillings to be used. X-rays and other instruments may be used to ensure all the infected pulp has been removed. The tooth is then filled and a crown may be suggested.  This can be done in one or two visits depending on your individual case, for example if a tooth needs medicine to heal two visits may be used. Root canal therapy allows for your natural teeth to be preserved for a healthy smile!

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