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Routine Cleanings and X-Rays


Every six months there is a recommended check-up. From unhealthy gums to plaque buildup that can become tooth decay this exam can help to prevent costly future treatments. Your teeth are also professionally cleaned removing harmful plaque, tartar, and bacteria that you may miss. Periodontal disease can be caught at an early and easily fixed stage as well. Your health is important and these checkups also watch for signs of oral cancer while it can still be easily treated.


X-rays may also be done at this check-up. So the aspects that can’t be checked visibly are monitored. Decay that occurs between and inside the teeth cannot be seen from a cleaning but an x-ray can catch it. Periodontal disease can be seen in these X-rays, as well as many other conditions. Regular check-ups and X-rays can prevent tooth infection, tooth loss, teeth shifting, gum recession, loss of jaw bone, and pain in jaw joints.

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