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Tooth Extractions


There are several reasons a tooth may need to be removed for your health. Tooth decay, tooth fracturing, advanced periodontal disease, and lingering baby teeth all can cause for a necessary extraction as determined by the dentist. Severe tooth decay can compromise the tooth structure above the jawbone so crowns and other alternatives are no longer possible and extraction is needed to avoid further pain and infection. A tooth fracture that has extended to the root may not be able to be treated by root canals or crowns successfully.  When periodontitis has advanced and caused bone loss around the tooth the stability is lost and the tooth can’t be saved. Primary (baby) teeth may not always fall out properly and can cause later on orthodontic problems if left to interact with the permanent teeth. In all these cases, your dentist will likely recommend extraction to avoid further complications and pain.


Before a tooth extraction, nitrous oxide may be offered to relax you and the site will be numbed. Conscious sedation is not offered as with the nitrous and anesthetic the procedure is painless and smooth.  When completely numbed, you will only feel some pressure at the removal site. If necessary a small incision will be made and the tooth will be removed. If needed, a couple of stiches will close the removal site. The dentist will explain after care involving pain management, controlling bleeding, minimizing swelling, food limitations, and how to prevent a dry socket. Following post-operative instructions, you will heal quickly and have prevented further dental problems. 

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