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Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are your last molars and come in during your teens or early twenties. It is common for them to not fit properly in your jaw and cause issues as they grow from becoming impacted. From tooth decay to gum disease, the pain and complications that can arise may affect people throughout their lives. Your dentist can examine you and take an x-ray to determine if your wisdom teeth need treatment. Early extraction of wisdom teeth allows them to be removed before any damage can be done with a faster healing process.


Before wisdom teeth extraction, nitrous oxide may be offered to relax you and the site will be numbed. Conscious sedation is not offered as, with the nitrous and anesthetic, the procedure is painless and smooth. The tooth can then be extracted and, if necessary, a few stitches will be used to close the site. The dentist will explain after care involving pain management, controlling bleeding, minimizing swelling, food limitations, and how to prevent a dry socket. Overall, you’ll be left healthier without the many risks that untreated wisdom teeth bring.

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