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Your First Orthodontic Visit

If you’re looking to improve your smile and dental health, Granby Dental can help! Good orthodontic health helps prevent tooth decay, tooth wear, periodontal disease, headaches, sore neck and shoulders, and pain. Your first visit will be a thorough examination and discussion of future treatment options. This initial appointment will be 30 minutes and sometimes we can also do an exam for diagnostic purposes directly after. This may include X-rays, photos, and impressions so your teeth current state can be fully evaluated and modeled.  This appointment will be an additional hour and is needed for an appropriate treatment plan to be made. At the time of your first visit, provide any panoramic X-ray from the last 6 months and your insurance card if you have orthodontic coverage.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Raney, will give an assessment and have a discussion with you that should help answer your questions.

  • What conditions can orthodontics help fix?

  • Is the treatment an immediate necessity or should it be delayed for jaw growth, tooth eruptions, or other more pressing dental concerns?

  • What is the best treatment plan for this case?

  • Do any teeth need to be extracted for this plan?

  • How does this treatment plan work to fix the issue?

  • How long will the treatment take to fix the problem and are there multiple stages to it?

  • How much will treatment cost and what are the payment options?

Some of these questions may need more work done before a definite answer is given but we will work with you to keep you informed. The in-depth diagnostic process allows for an individualized and thorough plan to be made so you get the results you deserve. A consultation visit helps to clearly decide on a treatment plan, time frame, and financial agreement giving you a full understanding and answering any additional questions that arise.

Call us at (860) 653-7596 with any questions and to schedule your first orthodontic visit today!

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