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Stories from the Skaret Family Dinner Table...

As a kid, the kitchen was always the center of our house. The dinner table served not only as a place for us to gather each night as a family, but also as a stage for story telling. My sisters and I learned the art of building to a punch line, proper amounts of sarcasm and just enough drama to hold everyone’s attention. As we grew up, my sister and I found ourselves following in Mom’s footsteps and working in the dental field. My Dad patiently listened to “all things dental” and as a carpenter, would attempt to fit in by saying he too spent all day working on teeth, aka: crown molding.

One of my favorite stories was about a ski trip my parents took with some of their friends when they were younger. My Dad was an avid skier and loved to visit new and challenging places to ski. One day, on a particularly steep hill, my Dad took quite a nasty fall in the trees. My Mom, looking on from above, saw my Dad flipping and spinning and when he finally came to a rest, ever the faithful hygienist, she yelled down to him “DAVID! Are your teeth ok?”

In the thirteen years I have been working in the dental field, I have heard many scary dental stories. Everything from teeth sticking into a basketball court after a hard fall, to breaking a front tooth in half with an ice pick, to being kicked in the face by a horse. I too had quite the dental emergency a few months ago, when I awoke in the middle of the night with a severe throbbing coming from a front tooth. Four Advil later and the pain still had not improved. I have never been more thankful to not only work at, but also be a patient of Granby Dental, because I knew someone would see me that day and my pain would be relieved. Our dentists are on call 24-7 to help you with all of your dental emergencies. In addition, we have the only certified endodontist in the area. Dr Abedi performed my root canal and I can honestly say it was pain free and much quicker than expected. Best of all, it made for a great story at the next family dinner!

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